Email based customer interaction and newsletter marketing has drastically grown in importance for all types of companies over the past few years. Despite the critical nature of email readability and usability, most newsletter and email designs don’t take into account that:

(1) the majority of email opens now takes place on a mobile device and,
(2) that images are not displayed automatically in over half of all email opened.

Responsive Email Designer (aka RED) addresses this by offering powerful tools to design responsive emails. Using rich, HTML-based, content elements, the important parts of the message will be clear to the recipient by default. Clearly the message can be reinforced or illustrated through the use of images.

RED offers a combination of design freedom, ease of use, and display consistency. The app is available in two different versions, Personal and Business. Which one is right for you depends on your needs.

RED Personal

For individuals and small business that want the flexibility of designing, writing and adjusting their own newsletters. For this version, we focussed on ease of use and display consistency with little or no exceptions. RED Personal can be used to design and create simple yet solid email marketing campaigns.

RED for Business

Takes email design and newsletter creation to a new level. This version is for designers, digital agencies and businesses that want to create exceptional newsletters and promotional campaigns. Seasoned front-end designers and developers that have shied away from HTML email design and coding will love the familiarity with the normal web design workflow.

Every email client is different

Email clients use different rules for displaying an HTML email. RED is build on a rock solid foundation assuring that emails display consistently. On top of that RED for Business uses progressive enhancement to improve the email design for supporting email clients. Want to get the full scoop between the two? Read more here »

This Quick Start Guide is a work in progress and will be updated over the next few days.